Dispatch from the Field…Colorado_Dispatch2

As I sit here in the kitchen of my cabin, staring out aimlessly at the front range of RMNP I can’t help but be reminded about how small a part of the universe I am.  I spent half of the past week covering the US Pro Challenge for one of my clients and it was definitely a massive adventure.  There were multiple days where, as I waited for things to happen, I would get to talk extensively with the folks who are responsible for the day to day operations of that event.  It’s a huge, far reaching event that has so many facets it will spin your head.  Again, it was just another thing in Colorado that reminded me how small, yet important, a part of this universe I am.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the event.


Team Sky warms up at the Vail TT on Friday.


The best Shot from the Vail TT


Jelly Belly Rider Sean Mazich reunites with friends and family before the Ft. Collins Stage


Jelly Belly’s team tech preps bikes for the next day’s stage.


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I'm a professional commercial and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles who specializes in fitness and outdoor lifestyle and sports.
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