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Ragbrai… Looking back

I can’t really express with words how I feel about RAGBRAI.  The experience was completely overwhelming on almost every level.  Yet as it was coming to a close I found myself in a sort of mourning for not wanting it … Continue reading

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A Day (Or Two) Late…

Well, I thought there was going to be at least some ability to communicate over the interwebz at Sequoia National Park considering how modern it is.  That, however, is not the case.  While I was bummed to not be able … Continue reading

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Clik Elite Reporter – Bag Test

I’m not really one for doing product reviews as I really feel that I’m an unfair reviewer.  I THRASH everything.  Seriously, ask my business partner… she’ll tell you.  I recently broke one of our MB-D10 grips for our Nikons, and … Continue reading

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