Exciting News About the Thing with the People at the Place!

If you’ve followed me on the twitter then you know I like to have a little fun there.  One of the things I do is tweet extremely vague, nearly topic-less tweets that indicate that something might or might not be going on with me, or someone else, or some other people at some random time and place.  Much like the title above.  In a way it is actually my way of expressing a certain feeling, usually excitement, about an upcoming project that I really can’t talk about.  And that happens a lot.  I get assignments that are for ads or media that is forthcoming, and the client wants to keep everything under wraps while the project is being developed.  I’ll post limited content during the shoots, during post and so on, but official announcements of my involvement and who the involvement is with  often times have to wait until the project is long over and the ads or media have been published.  It’s a bummer, as often the glow and excitement has worn a little bit and the announcement sort of comes off as lackluster

Recently, I was approached by a client that I had done limited work with prior about an upcoming project, and a bid was requested.  It was an exciting project for a number of reasons.  I won the bid, and I was in. But for months I’ve had to keep quite as to what the project is and who it is with.  Well, today I can tell you what it’s about and why I’m so excited!  In a week and a half I’ll be on a plane heading to Iowa to cover RAGBRAI (The ride across Iowa).  I know I know… You’re excited about a ride that everyday cyclists do, across Iowa?!


The thing about RAGBRAI is that it’s a giant party, with all kinds of cyclists from all walks of life.   It’s not limited to smug hipsters on fixed gears, CAT 5 Super pro wanna-be’s or tiny coffee drinking Grand Fondo specialists.  It’s just all sorts of people on all sorts of bikes, which is rad.  I grew up in the midwest hearing stories of epic parties, crazy busses following the ride dispensing beer and food, and people everywhere having the time of their life.  So in a way covering RAGBRAI is a little like a home coming for me, even though it’s in Iowa and I’m from Kansas, and I never rode it, nor have I ever been to Iowa except for once in my mid 20’s.

What’s equally exciting about the project is who I will be working with for the duration of the event.  I was hired by WD-40 Bike, and I will be embedded with their tech team, covering the event and their support of RAGBRAI.  I’ve gotten to know a few of the WD-40 team over the past couple years through my coverage of more than a few prominent CycloCross races across the US and they are a pretty rad crew.  They’re great folks, extremely friendly and helpful and fun to be around.  So being embedded with them for the event is going to increase how awesome the whole experience already is.  All in all it’s really exciting.  There is even more to be excited about but again it’s stuff I can’t talk about yet.  Here’s a quick snap I grabbed at the USGP of Cyclocross last October in Ft. Collins Colorado.  It’s WD-40’s own Brian Dallas using the bike wash station in a creative manner to help the mothers of various Junior racers keep their cars a little cleaner after a very muddy race.

Brian Dallas of WD-40 Bike give a junior racer a quick wash, ensuring a somewhat cleaner drive home.

Brian Dallas of WD-40 Bike give a junior racer a quick wash, ensuring a somewhat cleaner drive home.

I head out of town next week for a quick camping trip in the Sequoias with my business partner and some friends and I’ll post a quick dispatch from the field then.  The following week I’ll be at Ragbrai, and will have a field dispatch from there as well!  So definitely check back in!


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I'm a professional commercial and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles who specializes in fitness and outdoor lifestyle and sports.
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